Welcome to Caf-Ad

We provide digital advertising for businesses in London.

About us

CAF-AD was established to provide local businesses with exposure in their local area. Our screens are placed in Café’s, at the heart of the local community.

Whether you are an established company, new business or just want to promote an event, CAF-AD can deliver your message to the heart of your local community.

We specialise in linking local businesses with prospective clients through strategically placed digital advertising screens. Each site has been carefully selected to ensure the best possible match between business and customer.

Our mission is to re-introduce grassroots advertising, giving local businesses the exposure they need. Whatever your business, there is a CAF-AD site for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Targeted Audience

    We target your digital advertisement by showing it to specific audiences who are likely to use your business services or products. That way, you'll see a better return on investment.

  • Great dwell time

    Café's offer you an unprecedented dwell time for your promotion, on average 20-30 minutes. You can target your audience depending on the type of café or time of day.

  • Competitive pricing

    We offer affordable full motion HD adverts which give your business the exposure it deserves. Get in touch with us or view our pricing page for more details.

Bringing London businesses & local communities together

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We aspire to have our digital screens positioned around London to help local companies get the business they deserve.

Get in Touch

Have your own artwork? Great! If not, our in-house design team can work with you to produce the perfect advert for your business. Get in touch using the form below.